Originally from Mexico City, José Simón’s passion for music began at age three. Under the instruction of Lucia Niño de Luna, he learned the basic piano movements which created a strong foundation for future musical ability. As a learning artist, he performed in several school concerts and events that familiarized him in musical performance. Although his initial focus was piano, his curiosity for the guitar grew over the years.

At the age of seven, José continued his studies with Miguel Ángel Moreno where he advanced his piano skills through learning music theory and composition. At age nine, José began a new phase of training under the instruction of Sonia Tracy where he began to perfect previously learned techniques. It was at this point that José understood the significance of discipline. He began to learn complicated classical pieces such as Fantasie Impromptu by Frederick Chopin, and several compositions by J.S. Bach and Beethoven. It was at this time that José was introduced to Mark A. Trekell; the person who most influenced his musical desires. Mark was a person who had developed his own theory in regards to the classical guitar. He was a professional classical guitarist who had dexterity in playing both classical as well as rock music. José’s passion began with the electric guitar, where he learned the significance of improvisation and how it applies to almost every type of playing style.

José then became the lead guitarist for a rock band “Heavy Water” where he further developed his performance skills and experienced the feeling of playing in concert with others. It was at this point that Mark introduced the classical guitar to José. At first, José was uninterested since it was an exceptionally difficult instrument to play and it was not as popular in modern society as the electric guitar. However, curiosity grew over time to where his repertoire was perfectly balanced between rock and classical music.

Upon realizing the purity of classical music and how it would define him as a guitarist, José fell in love with his classical guitar. Originally, José began playing with a version of a Thomas Humphrey classical guitar made by Martin Co. However, when his father, Alejandro Simón, realized that his skills were considerably improving, he decided to buy him a guitar directly from Thomas Humphrey, one of the best guitars in the world. The guitar was named “Don Alejandro” in honor of José’s father who had always supported him throughout his career.

Upon receiving the guitar in 2002, José began a relationship that would be unparalleled by no other. He had received the instrument that would allow him to express his emotions through music and enhance his playability over time. This instrument was the key in José’s development as a classical guitarist. It is now with the release of this record that José has finally realized the importance of classical music in his life and how talent combined with practice can make dreams come true.

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